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About DeWayne

Greetings! I am DeWayne Owens and I love acting!
My journey into the acting industry has not been a traditional one, meaning I did not
grow up with aspirations of being an actor. I did participate in a few grade-school plays and a church stage play many years ago, but I never had the “acting bug.”
For the last 15 years I have made my living as a Motivational Speaker and Trainer. I
love and still do love motivating and inspiring people to pursue their dreams. One day I received a text from my friend, Emmy Award Winning Movie Producer, Andy Costa, who featured me in Documentary Movie, Zig: Born To Win in 2016. He informed me that he was involved with a short movie and that they needed a 40’sh looking African American male to play a lead role, because the actor who was originally cast to play the part was from out of town and could not make the shoot. So, Andy thought of me! I showed up on the set the next day to meet the team and the following day I shot my first leading role scenes for 10 hours straight. I completely fell in love with the experience and acting!
Fortunately, much of the skill sets I use as a speaker and trainer, transfer over into
acting. I feel it was a very natural transition and I feel very much at home with acting in
movies. To date I have been involved with three movies, two that at this time still in post-production.
I recently collaborated with Andy Costa Films with my company, Be Light Films on a
movie titled 3SOME. The movie is currently in production phase, and I am looking
forward to the finished product being completed soon. Acting is the passion that I discovered later in my life; however it parallels what I speak of in the speaking industry and that is, that if you work hard enough, you can make your dreams come true. Acting and my involvement in the movie production industry is a dream come true for me.

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